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Beware of a new way scammers are targeting you

Beware of a new way scammers are targeting you

Beware of a new way scammers are targeting you.


Some low-life "Scammers" are posing as your bank. They claim there is fraud on your account and try to convince you the only way to protect your money is for you to move it.

How it works:

  1. Initial Contact: Scammers reach out, pretending to be your bank, and inform you of fraudulent activity on your account. This contact may come from text or email, followed by a phone call from ‘the fraud department.’ The scammer may even instruct you how to respond to any text alerts you receive.
  2. Deceptive Instructions: Next, they instruct you to move your money to your digital wallet. Once you add money to your digital wallet, the scammer will provide you a card number, attempting to convince you it is your ‘new card’. From there, you’re told to transfer your money to the ‘new card’. 
  3. Money Sent to Scammer: Once you transfer the funds, you realize you’ve sent money to the scammer. Your money is gone and unlikely to be recovered.

Protect yourself & your money.

Remember, Bank of America customers, Bank of America will never ask you to pay anyone, including yourself. Don’t make a payment due to an unexpected text or call. Never ignore scam warnings, even if you are told to do so.

Visit your Banks Security Center for more ways to stay protected.