Our privacy commitments are fundamental to the way we do business every day. These apply to everyone who has a relationship with us - including customers (Managed Services, Internet, Projects, and telephone) and Web site visitors.

  • We will protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. We use encryption and other security safeguards to protect customer data.
  • We will not sell your personal information to anyone, for any purpose. Period.
  • We will fully disclose our privacy policy in plain language, and make our policy easily accessible to you.
  • We will notify you of revisions to our privacy policy, in advance. No surprises.
  • You have choices about how it911now.com and its sister companies use your information for marketing purposes. Customers are in control.
  • We want to hear from you. You can send us questions or feedback on our privacy policy.

A Quick Summary of Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to your use of all products, services, and websites offered by IT911NOW.COM and our IT911NOW.COM affiliates, such as COX communications, DIDFORSALE.COM, or COMODO.COM unless they have a different privacy policy. Because some apps, including IT911NOW.COM and COX, DIDFORSALE.COM, COMODO.COM, xcitium.com, and other branded apps, require additional information, or use information in different ways, they may have their own privacy policies and/or terms and conditions. These apps may also offer you additional choices for managing your personal information.

Our privacy commitments

  • We don’t sell your Personal Information to anyone for any purpose. Period.
  • We keep your Personal Information in our business records while you are a customer, or until it is no longer needed for business, tax, or legal purposes.
  • We will keep your information safe using encryption or other appropriate security controls.


Here’s some of the information we collect:

  • Account Information includes your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and service-related details such as payment data, security codes, service history and other information such as these;
  • Network Performance & Usage Information tells us how you use our networks, our products, and our services, and how well our equipment and networks are performing;
  • Web Browsing & Wireless Application Information tells us about the websites you visit to get to IT911NOW.COM and the mobile applications you use on your networks that we manage;
  • Location Information tells us where your wireless device is located, as well as your ZIP code and street address;


Here are the three basic ways we collect it:

  • We get information from you when you do things like make a purchase from us;
  • We collect it from how you use our products and services;
  • Cookies
  • We obtain information from other sources, like credit agencies, marketing companies, and other service providers.


Here are just some of the ways we use it. To:

  • Provide services and improve your customer experience;
  • Send you bills for your services;
  • Respond to your questions;
  • Address network integrity, help in fraud prevention and network and device security issues;
  • Do research and analysis to maintain, protect, develop, and improve our networks and services;
  • Let you know about service updates, content, offers, and promotions that may be of interest to you;
  • Improve your service options;
  • Deliver Relevant Advertising;
  • Create External Marketing & Analytics Reports;
  • Assist in the prevention and investigation of illegal activities and violations of our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policies.

  1. Here are some important documents that you may download.
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

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White papers

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Terms of service &  privacy policy

Terms of service 
privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to your use of all products, services, and websites offered by IT911NOW.COM and our IT911NOW.COM affiliates.
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Our cookie policy

Our cookie policy

Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit a website or application. 
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Some examples of who we may share your Personal Information with:

  • Across our companies it911now.com, it911now.today, it911now.cloud, it911now.services, and it911now.us are all the same company and are just separate departments to give you the best customer experience and to help you get everything we have to offer.
  • Other, non-internet provider companies perform services on our behalf only as needed for them to perform those services. We require them to protect your information and to be consistent with our Policy.
  • With other companies and entities, to:
    • Respond to 911 requests and other emergencies or exigencies;
    • Comply with court orders and other legal processes
    • Assist with identity verification, and preventing fraud and identity theft;
    • Enforce our agreements and property rights;
    • and Obtain payment for products and services including the transfer or sale of delinquent accounts to third parties for collection

Understanding Personal, Anonymous & Aggregate Information

  • What is Personal Information? Information that identifies or reasonably can be used to identify you.
  • What is Anonymous Information? This is information that doesn’t identify you and can't reasonably be used to identify you specifically.
  • What is Aggregate Information? We take a whole bunch of people’s data and combine it into anonymous groups or categories.
  • How do we use this information? We use and share this information in many ways including research, analysis, retail marketing, and Relevant Advertising. This data is also included in External Marketing & Analytics Reports.
  • Want to learn more? Go here.

Our Online Privacy Policy for Children

  • We want you to know that we don't knowingly collect personally identifying information from anyone under the age of 13 unless we first obtain permission from the child's parent or legal guardian.

Your Choices & Controls

  • You have choices about certain types of advertising you get from us;
  • You can control whether your anonymous information is used in our External Marketing & Analytics Reports;
  • You can choose whether to receive marketing calls, e-mails text messages, or certain other communications from us
  • You have a choice about how we use your Customer Proprietary Network Information.


  • Definitions
  • Scope of this Policy
  • The Information We Collect, How We Collect It, And How We Use It
  • Information Sharing
  • Online Activity Tracking and Advertising
  • Location Information
  • Aggregate and Anonymous Information
  • External Marketing & Analytics Reports
  • Online Privacy Policy for Children
  • Data Protection & Security
  • Changes
  • Choices & Controls
  • How to Contact Us


Your California Privacy Rights
California Civil Code Section 1798.83 entitles California customers to request information concerning whether a business has disclosed Personal Information to any third parties for their direct marketing purposes. As stated in this Privacy Policy, we will not sell your Personal Information to other companies and we will not share it with other companies for them to use for their own marketing purposes without your consent.

California Web Site Data Collection & "Do Not Track" Notices

Web Site Data Collection: We do not knowingly allow other parties to collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time and across third-party websites when you use our websites and services. We provide information about the opt-out choices available to customers, and the opt-out choices provided by certain third-party website and mobile application analytics companies we use here.

"Do Not Track" Notice: Because the providers of "do not track" and similar signals do not yet operate according to common, industry-accepted standards, we currently do not respond to those signals. For more information on Do Not Track, please visit www.allaboutdnt.com.

  1. To whom does the Policy apply?

We may have written product or service agreements with our business customers that contain specific provisions about confidentiality, security, or handling of information. When one of these agreements differs from or conflicts with this Policy, the terms of those agreements will apply. In all other instances, the terms of this Policy apply and our "Conditions Of  Use" policy.

Yes, that can happen. For example:

Sometimes we will work with other, unaffiliated companies to provide a service. In that case, your information may be subject to this Policy and that of the other company. For example, if you purchase one of our products or services from a retailer like Best Buy or Amazon.com, any information you provide to them may be subject to both their policy and ours.

If you connect to our Wi-Fi service through another network, such as one provided in a hotel, airport, or other venue, any information collected from your use of that network could be subject to either the IT911NOW.COM Privacy Policy or the venue policy, and sometimes both. The same thing applies if you connect to our network through your employer's corporate network or any network operated by a non-IT911NOW.COM company.

We think it's a great idea to take a look at the privacy policies of any companies you do business with to learn how they use your information.

What about business customers? Can my information be covered by this Policy and other privacy policies at the same time?

If you purchase or use the products or services of an IT911NOW.COM affiliate that has a different privacy policy than this one, that privacy policy will apply.

Additionally, this Privacy Policy does not apply any time you give information to companies other than IT911NOW.COM. Some examples are:

When you use a non-IT911NOW.COM COX or VOIP service; When you download applications or make purchases from other companies while using our Internet or wireless services; When you go to a non-IT911NOW.COM website from one of our websites or applications (by clicking on a link or an advertisement, for example); When you give your information to another company through a website co-branded by IT911NOW.COM but controlled by the other company; If you use public forums - such as social networking services, Internet bulletin boards, chat rooms, or blogs - the information is publicly available, and we cannot prevent distribution and use of that information by other parties; Information about your location, usage and the numbers you dial when you're out and about and roaming on the network of another company; When you purchase or use non-IT911NOW.COM products (such as wireless devices, internet browsers and mobile applications) in combination with our services; When we license our brand to other companies for their use in marketing and selling certain non-IT911NOW.COM products and services, information you give those companies is not covered by this Policy.

Yes. You're responsible for making sure all family members or other users under your account understand and agree to this Policy. Get everyone together and talk about it. Or, send it by e-mail to make sure they're on board. Hang it on the fridge. Up to you, just share it!

When is information not covered by this Policy?

Yes. Some IT911NOW.COM affiliates or applications may have separate privacy policies that describe how they collect, use, and share information they collect from their customers and users. When we share Personal Information with those affiliates or combine it with information from those applications we protect it in a way consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Additionally, some of our applications may have terms and conditions that describe other privacy commitments or choices in addition to those in this Privacy Policy.

Some areas outside the United States require us to work a little differently. In that case, we may adopt separate privacy policies as necessary to reflect the requirements of applicable local laws.

The Joint IT911NOW.COM DIDFORSALE.COM Privacy Policy for IT911NOW.COM VOIP Customer Account Information remains in effect for IT911NOW.COM subscribers.

What about my family members and other users of my IT911NOW.COM account? Does this Policy apply to them?

This Privacy Policy covers our practices regarding the information we collect about our customers and users (how we collect it and how we use it). Use of our products and services, as well as visits to our websites, are subject to this Privacy Policy.

Do you have any Privacy Policies other than this one?

This Privacy Policy applies to customers and users of IT911NOW.COM products and services, except customers and users of products or services provided by an affiliate or an application with a different privacy policy.

What does this Policy cover?