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Our Company's Main Features are so universal that our top plans give you everything that your company needs. So if you choose to use them you may, and if not you may do that too. 

That's why our motto is "Few Products, Hundreds of Possibilities." 

IT911now.com is not a U Break, We Fix Company... While we handle all the management and maintenance of your systems, we don't offer just drop-off repair services for individual PCs. Our fix-it services are for our Monthly Service clients only. Many other companies specialize in this and charge reasonable fees for PC repairs. However, this approach lacks accountability for the root causes of issues and can't guarantee prevention. With us, your team only needs to report an issue, and we'll send a qualified technician to your location, ensuring a seamless resolution without interrupting your business operations.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our "Managed IT Services Plans" are designed for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses and enterprises as well.IT911now.com offers live, remote technical support for those clients that are able to access the Internet. Also, IT911Now.com can and will proactively update, and manage all your computers and servers remotely at any time of the day that is convenient for your company.

Here at IT911now.com, we have simplified the process and the ease of getting your personalized network operations center, NOC, (pronounced knock) to one or more locations from which We perform network monitoring and control, and network management, that is exercised over a secured, telecommunication or satellite network connection to your network.


NOCs are implemented by our business for your organization, public utilities, universities, and government agencies that need a company to oversee complex or not, networking environments that require little to no downtime. Our NOC personnel is responsible for monitoring your one or many networks for certain conditions that may require special attention to avoid degraded service to your specifications. We provide Your "Organization"(s) with a sophisticated NOC service that provides a tailored solution with little or no interaction from the end-user in the event of one site or service becoming unavailable.


We can be your complete IT solution supporting all your servers, network appliances, and desktops or an addition to current IT staff. Your systems are monitored and supported remotely from your location, and with 24/7 "Live" support is available and most problems are fixed before they can present a problem Proactively right here in the United States.


We also have services that provide reactive support at a much lower rate for as little as $1.30 per day. IT911now.com also provides methods to help your company even prevent spam from your company's Inbox. We also offer other security products and other services that you might need. Ask your MSC for more information.

Our Vision

Our Vision

No matter, if you're a seasoned IT Pro or a Corporate Executive, using a third-party managed IT provider, will help your company save time and resources so you can concentrate on more crucial issues. By selecting the proper MSP, such as it911now.com, your company can speed up its digital transformation, increase internal communications, improve the customer experience, and reduce expenses, and resolve IT capacity challenges.

Here are some significant benefits a Managed Service Provider can offer your company:

1. As our firm expands, the cost of investing in your own IT department can be high and fluctuate quickly. However, your costs will be combined into a single set fee when you outsource your IT services to it911now.com. To prevent unforeseen costs, managed service providers like it911now.com can operate with fixed monthly fees that are simple to factor into your operational budget.

2. Your business will incur considerable running costs if you hire an internal team to manage your IT systems, including wages, perks, insurance, and the price of office space. Additionally, your business might spend time and money training staff employees on its current systems and procedures. You must retake this training if these employees depart your business. These considerable costs and expenses related to human resources will be decreased when your IT department is outsourced, increasing your company's value. By working with a managed service provider, you may recruit a team of experts right away who have the education, training, and experience necessary for your business without looking for, finding, and hiring them yourself.

3. A Managed Service Provider will regularly watch over your IT systems to spot any early faults before they worsen. Our comprehensive security monitoring services may include threat detection, content management, and threat intelligence. MSPs like it911now.com will react swiftly to minimize disruption for your organization and, in certain situations, even prevent downtime altogether. 
Every business venture has some risks, including changing market conditions, legislation, and financial and technological factors. Outsourcing your IT services will greatly reduce your business's typical risks. Your company will have industry-specific experts on hand who can help with any security and compliance issues.


Our History

Our History

2010, Keith Buckner founded it911now.com after parting ways with a medical company in California. His departure from the medical company was due to his exceptional performance, where he consistently outperformed his colleagues by efficiently handling numerous technical support requests at more than 30 locations.

During his time off from work, while visiting Best Buy, Keith encountered a situation where a customer was quoted a substantial amount, over $200, for a computer issue. Upon listing in on the conversation, Keith realized that the problem was simply a depleted watch battery causing incorrect date and time settings on the computer on rebooting the computer. Advising the customer to replace the battery resulted in significant cost savings. Keith gave the customer his phone number and advised him to call if he still had any problems with the computer. The very next day, the customer called Keith and thanked Keith for helping him, and in a show of gratitude, the customer suggested that Keith should consider starting his own business. This suggestion ultimately led to the establishment of it911now.com.

The name "it911now.com" carries a dual significance. "911" conveys the idea of urgently seeking assistance for your IT network and its devices, similar to how you'd respond in a medical emergency. It also pays homage to the business's initial location in San Diego, represented by the ZIP code 91911.

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Developing transition plans

Our meaningful goals for IT911Now.com and our Customers can help your business provide better services for us and improve both our customers' satisfaction. Here are some good goals focused on customer benefits:

  1. **Cost-Effective Solutions**: 
    Goal: Provide cost-effective IT solutions that help customers reduce expenses and optimize their IT budgets while maintaining quality services.
  2. **Personalized Support**: 
    Goal: Develop personalized support options, including tailored recommendations, to address each customer's unique IT requirements and goals.
  3. **Improve Response Times**: 
    Goal: Achieve an average response time of 2,880 minutes/48 hours. to customer inquiries and support requests. This ensures customers receive timely assistance when facing IT issues.
  4. **Enhance Security Measures**: 
    Goal: Continuously update and improve cybersecurity measures to protect customer data and provide a secure online experience.
  5. **Increase Service Availability**: 
    Goal: Maintain a service uptime of [99.9%] to minimize disruptions for customers. Downtime can be costly for businesses, so ensuring high availability is crucial.

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