About me

Lisa, a devoted Wife, Mother, and Grandmother, finds immense joy in her extensive and close-knit family. Her passion for family events and the outdoors reflects her commitment to creating lasting memories.

With a remarkable professional journey spanning 35 years, Lisa has garnered expertise in diverse fields. Her proficiency extends across Medical Relations, Operations, and Billing, showcasing her depth in healthcare management. Additionally, her competence in Maritime Project Management highlights a versatile skill set.

Lisa's proficiency in Scheduling demonstrates her organizational acumen, a crucial skill in managing complex projects. As a leader in Managed Services, she has honed her ability to provide efficient and effective solutions. Lisa's commitment to excellence is evident in her adeptness in Technical Solutions, where she navigates the complexities of technology to meet business needs.

Throughout her career, Lisa has exemplified a dedication to superior Customer Service. This multifaceted background underscores her strategic approach to managing operations and her ability to adapt to diverse professional landscapes.

Professional statement

Hardworking and dedicated, I bring 35 years of invaluable experience to the table. My career has been marked by a diversified skill set, encompassing Medical Relations, Operations, and Billing. My proficiency extends to Mari-time Project Management, where precision and efficiency are paramount. Scheduling is a strength, reflecting my organizational prowess. As a leader in Managed Services, I deliver strategic solutions, and my technical acumen ensures success in complex environments. Through unwavering loyalty, I prioritize superior Customer Service, making a lasting impact in every professional endeavor.

  • Medical Relations, Operations & Billing
  • Maritime Scheduling and Management
  • Managed Technical Solutions
  • Website Builds & Management
  • Customer Service & Support
  • All Office Services & MS Applications
  • Open Plan, Salesforce, Project, etc.